Youth employment

Earlier in my career, I undertook a range of research and policy projects on issues facing young people in employment, education and training. I have a continuing interest in this area and the problems faced by youth in a difficult and demanding labour market in which the old entry points where young people could get a good start have become increasingly scarce.

My work and interest in youth employment issues also links to a background in poverty research undertaken at the Brotherhood of St Laurence in the 1980s and early 1990s. An important area of my work concerned educational disadvantage.

I have written a series of articles on issues in relation to younger people over the last couple of years.  Click the links below for these articles.

1. The youth unemployment crisis needs some big picture thinking and a broad and flexible approach in social and labour market policies. (ppt presentation for Future of Welfare Conference)

2. The 2014 Federal Budget has torn big holes in social protection for young people under the age of 30.

3. Young people are particularly at risk of entering the precariat according to Guy Standing. 

4. Youth unemployment is on the rise consistent with the general rise in unemployment in 2013-14

5.  One questionable idea that Labor put up in the election campaign was for ‘boot camps’ for young unemployed. 

6. What about social capital in educational outcomes – not just a matter of schools funding. 

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