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This website keeps a log of my publications, articles, conference papers, presentations, and research reports – and organises my work into its constituent themes. I also put up posts from time to time on issues of interest with a link to the other websites where they have been published. I was out of the country in Europe, North America and SE Asia, for extended periods between 05/17 – 12/19 hence limited writing over this time. As for most people, the COVID-19 pandemic over 2020-22 has been a challenging period in many ways. 

Email:  veronicasheen(at)fastmail.net

Mobile.  0417 512 304


In 2021, by invitation, I made a submission to the Senate Inquiry on Job Security which is taking on issues that emerged in the 2020 COVID crisis. I also prepared a chapter with a focus on the future of work for a book on women’s employment published in February 2022. In 2020, I completed a chapter, now published on line,  The end of the retirement ‘age’: how the new world of work is transforming the old world of retirement.  It brings together my thinking and writing about the ‘future of work’ and the impact on the traditional concept of retirement. It is included in book Who Wants to Retire, Who Can Afford to Retire.

Over 2018-19 (in between travels), I prepared a chapter for a Springer publication published early in 2020 –  Digitisation and Precarisation. My overview of the book and summary of my chapter is available on this post.  See the news content for all other outputs until July 2018. In June 2017, I was an invited participant at the OECD Forum Bridging Divides which interrogated the current social and economic tensions besetting so many countries at this time. I am presently engaged in wide range of writing and commentary on the future of work and links to the key themes of the Forum around inequality – digitalisation, inclusive growth and trust.

My article The implications of Australian women’s precarious employment for the later pension age is published in the SAGE journal the Economic and Labour Relations Review March 2017. The summary and youtube video of my take on the future of work for the 2017 Melbourne Knowledge Week can be accessed here. Published articles in  2016 on employment and social issues are available in my posts for MarchAprilMay, October, December and December. The podcast of an extended interview on the ABC regarding workforce casualisation is available in the post for July 2016.  A copy of my article published in the April 2015 edition of the VCOSS Insight Magazine on current employment trends  is reproduced here.

In July 2015 I presented a paper at the conference Developing and Implementing Policies for a Better Future at Work at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva. (See posts for June and July 2015 for details including full paper and PPT). In 2013 I presented another paper at the conference on decent work at the ILO Geneva and I was an invited speaker at the ACTU National Community Summit: Creating Secure Jobs and a Better Society; in 2014, invited speaker at the Future of Welfare Conference and the Australian Services Union Conference.

I regularly undertake reviews of draft articles submitted to academic journals on a range of issues. My university teaching covers social policy and social research at Victoria and Monash Universities.I am the co-editor and co-contributor to the book Global Crossroads in Social Welfare: Emergent Issues, Debates and Innovations across the Globe. 

I graduated with a PhD  on the topic of  employment insecurity in 2012. The topic had emerged from my professional experience in social policy since the 1980s. Further details here. 

I provide comment on air, or to print/online media, on a wide range of employment and social issues –   2SER, ABC World Today, AM and PM programs, SBS radio, the WIRE, various community and local ABC radio stations,  JJJ, ABC RN Life Matters, Sky Business News, Fairfax press…. My articles for the Conversation have been widely republished, or quoted and I have written for a range of other outlets including the Drum, Right Now, Eureka Street and Open Forum.

Website content copyright © 2013-2023 Veronica Sheen

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