The heart of darkness – digitisation and precarisation

This new Springer book Digitisation and Precarisation : Redefining Work and Redefining Society (edited by Vyacheslav Bobkov and Peter Herrmann) explores new territory in the profound transformations under way with digitisation. In effect, the effects of digitisation on work and society is unchartered territory, only imagined in the science-fiction genre. So this book makes an important contribution in understanding the way that digitisation is breaking down the old social and workforce norms creating a much more precarised, insecure society.

I have a chapter in this book with the following abstract:

Australia’s Precarious Workforce and the Role of Digitisation.

The chapter sets out to explore how digitalisation and its effects on the Australian labour market is a force, as in other countries in further advancing employment polarisation and economic inequality. The analysis accords with a core-periphery model of the labour market, but one that is not especially geographic in orientation as most of Australia’s population lives in large urban conurbations.

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