In July I am presenting at the conference Developing and Implementing Policies for a Better Future at Work at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.

My paper considers how the changing nature of employment – the future of work –  is set to compromise goals for women’s advancement in employment and equal opportunity. But governments have made a sweeping commitment to improving women’s workforce participation at the G20 Leaders Meeting in Brisbane in 2014. In their communiqué they said:

—We agree to the goal of reducing the gap in participation rates between men and women in our countries by 25 % by 2025, taking into account national circumstances, to bring more than 100 million women into the labour force, significantly increase global growth and reduce poverty and inequality.

I argue in my paper that governments will also need to foster objectives of the growth of decent and sustainable jobs for women’s participation to increase. And government policy itself across the way it funds core areas of women’s employment, in social policy and labour law will play key roles in achieving the G20 Leaders objectives.

The slides for the presentation are here:VSheen RDW July 2015 PPT.  The full paper will be posted later.

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