AI, UBI and how the future might pan out..

In July, I took on a tough interview (also delightfully challenging!!) with a couple of blokes, Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern, from Adventurefit Travel. 

They wanted to know what I thought about what’s happening in the world of work and what changes might be on the way via robots and AI. They also asked what I thought about Universal Basic Income  which was under discussion at the OECD forum I attended in June.

Bill and Tommy also asked me, who, in some fantasy world, I would like to have for dinner. Now that isn’t something I have given much thought to but I guess a couple of the economists I have written about here… Thomas Piketty and Guy Standing.. The third person is someone I admired very much and had the honour to visit in The Hague in June, labour academic Peter Waterman, who has since passed away. His obituary in The Guardian is here. 

My interview with Adventurefit is here. 

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