AI, UBI and how the future might pan out..

In July, I took on a tough interview (also delightfully challenging!!) with a couple of blokes, Bill Kerr and Tommy Ahern, from Adventurefit Travel. 

They wanted to know what I thought about what’s happening in the world of work and what changes might be on the way via robots and AI. They also asked what I thought about Universal Basic Income  which was under discussion at the OECD forum I attended in June.

Bill and Tommy also asked me, who, in some fantasy world, I would like to have for dinner. Now that isn’t something I have given much thought to but I guess a couple of the economists I have written about here… Thomas Piketty and Guy Standing.. The third person is someone I admired very much and had the honour to visit in The Hague in June, labour academic Peter Waterman, who has since passed away. His obituary in The Guardian is here.

A fuller obituary for Peter Waterman in the Global Labour Journal is here.`

My interview with Adventurefit is here. 

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